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Banner Advertising

These websites use banner advertising at the top of the page.

Usually the banner on the left (or top on smaller devices) is an Ad Server that publishes information across all the web sites. There is usually a 1 to 2 second delay before this banner appears. This Ad Server is owned and operated by the operators of these web sites and purposely configured so no information that can identify you is collected or stored on these web sites.

The banner on the right is a Local Banner and only publishes to that specific web site.

These banner adverts help us to publish what we consider as relevant information or advertising and helps us tell what information is interesting to our visitors.



This website has been tested on computers, tablets and smaller mobile devices down to the iPhone 5. We like to keep the speed of this website at the best possible speed and may limit the use or display of images.


Day / Night Mode

Day Night Mode can be toggled to change to either white or black background by selecting the “Sun” or “Crescent Moon” icon usually found near the top right of the screen.


Additional Features

We may add a “Most Read” and “Latest” section / module at a later time. This module will appear under the Navigation Menu or Navigation icon on smaller devices.


More information will be added if new features are introduced.